Push-Type and Screw-Type Grease Guns

- the easy handling alternative for short-term application

The UMETA programme offers the optimal solution for all lubricating needs. 

Either with shock-resistant polyamide bodies, or made of high quality zinc-plated steel, with or without telescopic tube: you will find the right push-type grease gun for all sizes and requirements.


Push-type grease guns stand out for their handyness and easy operability. Light pressure suffices to allow for an effective lubriction of hydraulic nipples, ball-type and flush-type nipples.


With our nozzles, you will find the optimal connection to any lubricating nipple according to DIN. UMETA push-type grease guns are equipped with special nozzles M 9 x 1. 


Just choose the desired push-type grease gun with the suitable nozzle for your lubricating nipple type from the list!



Push Type Grease Gun, form B, 30-34

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Push Type Grease Gun, form B, Type 36

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Telescopic Push Type Gun, form A, Type 40-44

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Telescopic Push Type Gun, form A, Type 46

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Screw Type Grease Gun 21

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